How Avast Support Helps To Recover The Antivirus License Key?

Avast Antivirus License Key helps to activate the 30-year subscription for PC security. After the activation, all the security essentials get installed for complete PC security. If you lost the license activation key, then, unfortunately, your antivirus security program will not execute completely. Luckily, Avast gives its user the opportunity to recover the lost antivirus license key. Visit the official site and scroll down to find the “Recover Your License” option in the footer. Click the link to open the dedicated page to retrieve the security key, and here you can choose a free license or recover purchased license. For direct help, dial the Avast antivirus support number and take assistance from the professionals. The professional help lets the user recover the license key legally. Here’s a brief info about how to successfully recover the Avast license key, after following the download recovery file option from the official website:avast antivirus support number

Step 1: Open the email that includes your license file. Now, open the attachment, there’s a file named as License.avastlic.

Step 2: The method differs depending on the email client program. Just double click the file, or right-click to select Open, or choose the option Open attachments.

Step 3: If you can’t open the file directly from your mail, then you can alternatively save the file License.avastlic to your PC and next open it.

Step 4: Once you open the file, a dialog box will pop-out. Next, click Activate to open the license file and match with the subscription details as displayed onscreen. Now, you will see a confirmation message box, click OK.

Step 5: In the system tray, right-click on the Avast icon to cross-check the subscription is activated or not. Now, choose Subscription info from the menu, or open your Avast user interface from the list of icons appearing on the desktop and choose Settings.

Step 6:  Check your Subscription status, it should be ACTIVE and the validity date must be correct.

Avast users who have not registered yet or looking to recover the lost license key for complete security program registration. They can dial the Avast antivirus customer care number and take professional assistance to recover the lost license code.avast customer number

Avoid using any fake online tool that claims to recover the lost Avast antivirus activation key. Only the official site offers the activation file, which is 100% secured to use. In addition, refer the Contactforservice online directory when you need a direct helpline number to take the direct help of the live technical support representatives.


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