How To Migrate Yahoo Mail To Gmail Like A Professional?

To get started, first you are required  to open another email account, hereby we will use a Gmail account to merge with Yahoo Mail. If you have access to your old Google account, then you can use it smartly.

If you have not created the Gmail account, then you need to create one, before you start the process. Follow the setup steps mentioned below, as there’s an option available for importing mail. If it is an existing account, then you need to visit settings, accounts and import mail along with important contacts. In other case, Dial the Gmail customer service number or you will be entering the options with a new browser window to navigate further, and the options are result support number

Follow the basic steps below to migrate the account

Step 1: Type Yahoo Mail address “”

Step 2: Sign-in into your Yahoo Mail account

Step 3: Open the settings panel and agree to migrate with ShuttleCloud

Step 4: Choose all options to import contacts, mail, and continue to inspect for at least 30 days

Step 5: Finally, confirm and finish

That’s all what the user needs to follow to migrate the mail account, now that was something amazing. The migration will take minimal time to accomplish the tasks, while all the important emails are transferred over the smart framework. Gmail displays the migration status under Accounts and Import section, and it takes a couple of days to complete the task, as dependent on how much mail you wish to send or receive.

One good thing about this system is that the migrated email accounts get their own listing in the sidebar, so the email won’t go straight to your main inbox. On top of this, you can go into the settings and set it so that when you reply to an email from a migrated account, you can send the mail as either directly from your original account, or your new registered and verified Gmail customer care number

Once the 30 days complete, the migration tool stops the email importing process. If you wish to continue receiving email from your other linked accounts, then you will have to setup email forwarding directly from your Yahoo Mail account for various reasons and disable for the time being. Alternatively, if you have a customized YahooMail account and facing gmail account migration contact Gmail customer care number,  then you can set up Gmail to directly access the Yahoo Mail account via POP server. Yahoo Mail accounts in the US cannot use POP access unless they upgrade to Yahoo Plus. To configure POP settings in the Yahoo Mail US, contact the 24×7 experts available at the Yahoo support phone number. Browse the directory here to search the alternative customer service number.


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