AT&T tips on how to troubleshoot Wi-Fi?

AT&T is regarded as the fastest Internet service provider to users around the globe. The services provided by the company are loved by all as it is quality based and you get the solutions of every query quickly. The amazing features like live streaming, availability of a large number of channels, in addition to the excellent support services it offered through AT&T customer service phone & t customer service

The issues faced by AT&T are related to Picture & sound problems such as- no pictures, poor picture quality, inferior sound quality, and Error messages on U-Verse, Connectivity issues and much more. The users fetch direct help from the professionals present at the support desk; they all have quick and effective remedies to all the problems they encounter. In this blog, we will be discussing about one such problem, which is connected to Wi-Fi Internet troubleshooting. The steps may help you finding a fast Internet connection so that you can browse freely and without any hindrances.

Before you start

For trying the Wi-Fi troubleshooting tips make sure any computers hard-wired to your gateway or router are able to surf the Internet. If there’s no Internet connection on your wired computers, start with Troubleshooting Wired Internet.

Check Wi-Fi settings

Make sure your Wi-Fi settings are OK and the wireless adapter on your device is turned ON. Refer to your manufacturer’s documentation for device-specific instructions.

Check Wi-Fi signal

If your Wi-Fi signal is not running smoothly, just turn off and restart the router or gateway. To avoid such low signal strengths and maximize Wi-Fi network performance:

  • Firstly, Place your gateway in a central location in your home.
  • Then, Set up gateway at least 3 feet from other appliances that send wireless signals.
  • You should avoid physical barriers.
  • It is important to keep the gateway from keeping against a wall.

If the low signal problem continues, there could be a problem with computer or it can be your device’s wireless adapter.

Shut down PC or device

To make sure that it is not an equipment issue, shut off your PC or device and wait 30 secs before turning it back on.  It is important to sometimes reboot your computer and devices to ensure maximum performance.

Check browser settings

It is recommended to visit your browsers support site to make sure you are updated to the fresh version.

Check firewalls

Make sure there is only one firewall running on your PC.  To analyze whether the firewall could be the cause of your Wi-Fi problems, you can also disable the firewall.  Never forget to turn it back on when you are done with testing.

Check for viruses and spyware

It is recommended to check for viruses and malware present on your computer. They can be a cause of the slow running of your PC. Good Antivirus software can make things go contact phone number

If the above steps seem unclear, you can the experts by dialing AT&T customer service number to fetch some useful guidelines and tips.


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