Easy Measures to solve IMAP & POP3 settings issues!

Firstly, we need to know what are POP3 and IMAP. When setting an email service with an email client on computers or mobile device, you might be required to choose between the two options, POP3 and IMAP mail servers. IMAP and POP3 are two most popular email protocols that permit you to access, view and access your emails. They are mainly helpful for you in fetching emails from email server to the local machine.  Are you facing any IMAP or POP3 settings issues? Let us have an insight over the trouble which might come up while working. You can get the best solutions for the same by reaching the Hotmail customer support of Hotmail as well. They will help you out in getting the fastest solutions on the issue, as they are capable enough to solve it in minutes. Here, in the blog, we will guide you on getting the best answers for the fault:hotmail customer support

The reasons can be:-

  • Incorrect server setting of incoming server.
  • Wrong incoming server URL link.
  • Certain issue can be with incoming server user name.
  • Some problem with Hotmail exchange server.
  • Issue may continue due to faulty internet connectivity.
  • Issue with incoming server port and SSL server setting.

Steps to resolve the IMAP & POP3 settings issue:-

  1. User needs to correct the port 110 for POP3 server error.
  2. Plug in switch and open the PC
  3. He needs to click on ‘Start Menu’ option. The option is present at left-corner of the screen.
  4. Continue further with single click on ‘Run option.’
  5. User will be sent to a different window pop-up.
  6. User has to type ‘CMD’ & click on ‘Enter’ option available on the keyboard.
  7. Now in new window user has to type a command prompt & check if the matter gets corrected.

Here is another solution that needs to be followed with server port 143:-

  • User is supposed to verify for exchange security setting and change it to allow transferable permission from the object directory of setting option. It is advisable to update exchange server setting in order to solve the issue in a smoother way.
  • Try to configure Hotmail account once again for the incoming server IMAP and POP3.
  • Lastly it’s better to ensure that user is connected with high-speed internet connection network..

hotmail customer service number

If you are in urgency, and your mind is captured with all the technical issues, it is recommended to discuss the matter with a tech expert, as they have a better solution rather than fighting with it all alone. You can call the professionals present at the Hotmail tech support easily. With this solution, you can fetch the best of guidelines by browsing for the online web dictionaries such as Contactforservice that provides the users with the trustworthy customer care numbers of the needed brands and products.

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