Easy Measures to solve IMAP & POP3 settings issues!

Firstly, we need to know what are POP3 and IMAP. When setting an email service with an email client on computers or mobile device, you might be required to choose between the two options, POP3 and IMAP mail servers. IMAP and POP3 are two most popular email protocols that permit you to access, view and access your emails. They are mainly helpful for you in fetching emails from email server to the local machine.  Are you facing any IMAP or POP3 settings issues? Let us have an insight over the trouble which might come up while working. You can get the best solutions for the same by reaching the Hotmail customer support of Hotmail as well. They will help you out in getting the fastest solutions on the issue, as they are capable enough to solve it in minutes. Here, in the blog, we will guide you on getting the best answers for the fault:hotmail customer support

The reasons can be:-

  • Incorrect server setting of incoming server.
  • Wrong incoming server URL link.
  • Certain issue can be with incoming server user name.
  • Some problem with Hotmail exchange server.
  • Issue may continue due to faulty internet connectivity.
  • Issue with incoming server port and SSL server setting.

Steps to resolve the IMAP & POP3 settings issue:-

  1. User needs to correct the port 110 for POP3 server error.
  2. Plug in switch and open the PC
  3. He needs to click on ‘Start Menu’ option. The option is present at left-corner of the screen.
  4. Continue further with single click on ‘Run option.’
  5. User will be sent to a different window pop-up.
  6. User has to type ‘CMD’ & click on ‘Enter’ option available on the keyboard.
  7. Now in new window user has to type a command prompt & check if the matter gets corrected.

Here is another solution that needs to be followed with server port 143:-

  • User is supposed to verify for exchange security setting and change it to allow transferable permission from the object directory of setting option. It is advisable to update exchange server setting in order to solve the issue in a smoother way.
  • Try to configure Hotmail account once again for the incoming server IMAP and POP3.
  • Lastly it’s better to ensure that user is connected with high-speed internet connection network..

hotmail customer service number

If you are in urgency, and your mind is captured with all the technical issues, it is recommended to discuss the matter with a tech expert, as they have a better solution rather than fighting with it all alone. You can call the professionals present at the Hotmail tech support easily. With this solution, you can fetch the best of guidelines by browsing for the online web dictionaries such as Contactforservice that provides the users with the trustworthy customer care numbers of the needed brands and products.

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Basic Solutions why Lexmark Printer does not accept the refilled ink

Refilling ink cartridge might be useful for you to diminish its supply uses if a generally minimal effort ink unit permits you to reuse expensive consumables. Be that as it may, every one of these endeavors comes up short if your Lexmark printer doesn’t perceive the ink cartridge when you reinsert it. At such time, you ought to test your refilling procedure and look at your cartridges to alter the issues. Additionally, for an expert advice, you can even call at the Lexmark support number instantly.lexmark support number

Establishment and Reassemble Issues

While you refill an ink cartridge, attempt to infuse ink into it or mostly disassemble the cartridge to achieve its supply spaces. If in case you can’t include the right ink sum or reassemble the cartridge subsequently it saves its correct size and shape, then you may confront issues while reinserting it into your Lexmark printer. Additionally, on the off chance that you host a third-gathering cartridge, it might be less noteworthy than the Lexmark consumables, which needs to arrange inside the gadget precisely.

Stopped up

If the ink cartridge you refilled has gotten to be dry and made a blockage, embedding new ink can’t reestablish it to work once more. As a rule, you can repair an outside blockage by cleaning the cartridge utilizing a material drenched as a part of isopropyl liquor. Be mindful so as to keep your fingers far from the cartridges metal parts or the oil staring you in the face can hurt related electrical contacts. A few blockages can’t be wiped away still; you can pick another option is reusing the cartridge.

Cartridge Monitoring Chip

Some Lexmark printers have joined with the ink level checking highlights. When you refill and reinstall these ink cartridges, the printer will keep on notifying they are still vacant. You can restart printing, yet it just method for following ink levels will lie in review for a drop in the yield quality. Consequently, these ink cartridges can get to be dry and hazard the plausibility of your print head. Along these lines, take after this Lexmark printer investigating strategy to alter the printing issues.

Single-Use Cartridge

Some Lexmark Ink cartridges stop you to reuse or refill them. These are the uncommon promoting programs that make ink cartridge accessible at low costs, conveyed that you supplant the void cartridges. As single-utilize cartridges, these are extraordinarily intended to end up in its re-producing strategy. If you are going to refill the ink cartridges, never pick the rebate programs, and get the maker routinely offered consumables, which do not have the preventive action against reuse.lexmark technical support number

If the information does not seem satisfactory, you can call the professionals at their Lexmark printer customer service number with ease. They will assist you in fetching the best remedies.

Amazing printing capabilities you should consider while shopping for Brother Printer

The well-known brand, Brother, works with high integrated sales, marketing, and service capabilities. It has made it convenient for the people to do all the things with ease, as the products and services are impeccable. Brother printers are one of the biggest selling products, because of its performance and ability to print the best for you. Today we will discuss the capabilities you should consider while buying the Brother Printer. It is recommended to have a guide when you are shopping for a printer and the brand has some useful tips for you to go by it. If you want to get the solution for the queries you have in mind related to the topic, you can call the professionals at Brother Customer service phone number.Brother printer customer service

If you have not bought a printer or multi-function device for some time, you may be shocked to know about some of the exciting new capabilities that can assist your business increase productivity. Now, check out the brand new capabilities that have been added to the latest line of business printers by Brother:

Mobile Device Printing

Today, more and more businesses are going towards the use of smartphones and tablets; it has become necessary to be able to print from these devices. Many printers today let users print from the best mobile phones like Apple iOS devices, Android mobile phones and tablets, Blackberry devices and Windows. Now, enjoy the convenience of using the wireless network to print and scan to smartphones and tablets.

Web Connect

Today many of the multi-function devices, when connected to the Internet over a wired or wireless network, allow you to upload docs from a scan or memory card to popular online storage websites including the Dropbox, Box, Evernote or OneDrive. In some examples, you can even print documents from the websites directly from the machine itself, without the use of a Computer.

NFC Connectivity

The NFC (Near Field Communication) is the latest technology that is becoming more and more popular in mobile devices. It allows devices to transfer data with a quick touch. Some of the latest printers hitting the market today are equipped with NFC techniques for no-hassle ‘touch-to-connect’ printing.

There are some other great choices that will work for you tremendously, but if you take the time to analyze the workflow, and think about what you want the printer to do for you, you have already taken a big step in searching the right printer. You can even take some guidelines by going through the Brother website whenever you want.


If you do not find the above information useful, you can easily talk to the experts by dialing Brother Printer customer support phone number and discuss your query easily.

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Avast introduces the new Anti-Theft App to recover lost mobile phones

Avast has been in the news for its astounding features to fight against the viruses, worms, malicious websites and much more. Its goal is to maintain the full on security online and for your devices as well. It is able to protect millions of people from threats on the Internet with one of the most advanced networks available in the world. The users have full confidence in the abilities of this robust antivirus software. With that, at the time of any difficulty or software failure, you can even call the tech experts available by dialing Avast antivirus customer care number anytime.avast antivirus customer care number

Avast Anti-Theft actually includes a great collection of features that are not offered in Android’s Device Manager, like a Sound Recording and ‘Theftie’ Feature. Both of the features can offer key insights into assisting a user in finding a lost or stolen device and returning it to the rightful owner.

Key Features:-

  1. It locates and tracks the lost phone or droid on a map via the web-based mobile phone tracking feature. It uses the GPS tracker for it and other strong triangulation methods).
  2. It controls the cell phone remotely through a web based interface or SMS if your phone is stolen. You can remotely lock/wipe the phone memory in order to keep the data safe.
  3. Just set up a SIM-card-change notification to other devices. ‘Stealth’ Mode instantly hides the app on the phone whenever Anti-Theft is activated, so that a thief is not aware of the presence.

The Application’s ‘Theftie’ Feature offers you the ability to remotely take an image of the thief trying to steal the device. Sound Recording enables you to record audio of the thief’s environment to seize potential clues to the culprit’s location. Some of the amazing qualities of the app:-

  1. Stealth mode: The app is hidden on the device
  2. Call and SMS Forwarding: It forwards incoming messages & calls to another number.
  3. Call number from the device: It allows you to listen to what is happening on the line of their device.
  4. Android PIN/pattern check: It locks device automatically after eight unlock attempts.
  5. SIM card change notification: It clearly notifies you when the SIM has been replaced.
  6. Control by SMS: It allows you to have control over the device even without the Internet connection.

If you have the App installed on the mobile phone:-

If luckily you have the app installed on your mobile phone, you can successfully control it using the following resources:

  1. Avast account is the account made from the (my.avast.com) website. To utilize this method, the Anti-Theft App must be connected with an Avast Account. The lost device must be running and connected to the web.
  2. SMS Remote Control
  3. SMS commandsavast customer number

If you still are confused about the features and the information given, you can call the experts to guide you in any difficulty. You can dial Avast antivirus customer service number at that time.

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Quick Review: The recently launched ADS-2400N Brother Scanner

The popular brand, Brother has launched a versatile new ADS-2400N Desktop Scanner with Gigabit Ethernet Networking. One more jewel has been added to the crown of the brand by introducing this amazing document scanner. It is basically built for professional usage and scans up to 60ipm. The ads-2400N uses a bigger output tray to neatly capture paper fed via the automatic doc feeder. Paper tray is designed to encounter less paper resistance so that paper can easily glide by reducing paper folds. You can fetch detailed information about the all new scanner from the professionals available 24×7 by dialing Brother Customer service number.brother customer service number

It also has a Multifeed Detection that utilizes sound waves to identify strong misfeeds. The paper pathway is naturally suspended and the user alerted if an irregular signal is analyzed.

The latest Reverse Roller System, manages incoming bulk paper jobs, so only a single sheet is processed at a time for excellent reliability when scanning various docs’ types and weights. You can achieve high productivity with the fast scan speeds and fantastic reliability even when scanning various documents. You should detect the misfeeds in order to save cost which in return reduces the risk of damaged docs and lost data. The OCR is another desired feature and mobile scanning capability. It is regarded as the reasonable choice for the price given. It offers various ways to scan, including- via USB/Ethernet, to a USB Key and over a network access point to mobile devices.

It is regarded as the valuable addition to the line of desktop scanners by Brother. It also has a mobile scanner for field personnel or the employees who work far away at remote places and also for the people on the go. It basically includes powerful software to become the perfect solution for document management and enhanced workflow. It is powered by USB from laptop, scan all types of docs to several destinations present to view on a mobile device, wherever you are!

Key Features:

  • Fast Scan Speeds
  • Multi-Page Scanning
  • Gigabit Ethernet Networking
  • High-Precision Scanning
  • Versatile Scan-to Destinations
  • Integrated Image Optimization Features
  • Advanced Scanning Features
  • Flexible Media Handling
  • Bundled with a Valuable Software Suite
  • Kofax VRS Compatible
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible
  • Amazing Support


  • Can scan to a USB memory key directly & via a Wi-Fi access point to mobile devices.
  • Scans in the duplex.
  • Ethernet & USB.
  • Impeccable text recognition.


  • Slow for scanning to searchable PDF format.
  • Scan utility gives only limited ability to select scan profiles when beginning scans from the front panel.

Brother printer support

If you are still confused about the newly introduced scanner, you can call and fetch help from the professionals by calling at Brother Printer customer support phone number.

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Move your Hotmail Account to Outlook with these Quick Steps

Now, you can change your existing Hotmail account to Outlook account in minutes; you have to just follow some guidelines and you are done. If you do not have a new account at Outlook.com but if you already have an email account at Hotmail, you can probably upgrade the existing Hotmail account to a brand new Outlook.com account without any requirement of creating a new account at Outlook.com. If you want to fetch valuable tips and suggestions on how to upgrade the same, you can discuss it with the experts by dialing Hotmail helpline number USA.hotmail customer support

Upgrading from Hotmail to Outlook includes 2 important things:-

  • Firstly, upgrading the web interface only
  • And renaming Hotmail account to (@outlook.com account)

If you just want to update the interface of the email account when you login using a browser, you can do that by visiting the outlook.com website and login using the Hotmail account credentials. It will automatically upgrade the Hotmail account interface to a new outlook.com interface.

But with that, if you need to convert the existing Hotmail account into Outlook.com account, you can do it by using the following procedures:-

  • Procedure 1: By Adding an Alias to your Account
  • Procedure 2: By Renaming your Account

But if you want to convert or rename the existing Hotmail account into outlook.com account, you can do this by using any of the following:-

  • Procedure 1: By Adding an Alias to your Account
  • Procedure 2: By Renaming your Account


By Adding an Alias to your Account

  1. First step is to log into the email account using ‘outlook.com.’ After login, select Options and then more mail settings option.
  2. Now click on ‘Create an Outlook alias’ option given under ‘Managing your account’ section.
  3. It will open the page where you can create an outlook.com alias to your Hotmail account. Just enter the needed email name in ‘Email address’ textbox and click on ‘Create an alias’ button.
  4. Confirmation on the same will be asked like whether you want to receive some new emails in a new folder/existing folder which are the Inbox. Select the needed option and click on ‘Done’ button.
  5. Finally your Hotmail account will be upgraded to Outlook.com account instantly.

By Renaming your Account

  1. Firstly, log into the email account using ‘outlook.com’ URL. After login, select ‘Options’ and then ‘More mail settings’ option.
  2. Now click on ‘Rename your email address’ option given under ‘Managing your account’ category.
  3. Enter the desired email name in ‘New Microsoft account’ textbox and click on ‘Save’ button.hotmail customer support number

If you still are confused about the steps and the procedure, you can go for Hotmail customer support anytime with ease.

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