All you need to know about Lexmark iOS AirPrint

Lexmark, as we all know is an American company that manufactures printers and offers enterprise software. Lexmark supplies printers, ink toners and other accessories. Today, we will discuss about the latest and most talked about technology by Lexmark, known as iOS AirPrint. The printing support developed into iOS devices from the immensely popular Apple, and Android devices from other manufacturers is free, easy to utilize and backed by business-class Lexmark Printers. If you want to fetch the detailed information regarding the new techniques by dialing Lexmark support number.lexmark support number

iOS AirPrint

a) With this technology, you can explore a Lexmark MFP, select print options and then choose ‘Print’ in a supported iOS application, without any possible installation.

b) AirPrint finds printers that are available at the local network segment as the mobile device. The end result is that the users in bigger companies can only see a few of the available printers as options on the mobile phones.

c) Lexmark Print Management addresses this challenge but with it also adds some efficient features of enterprise-level. The refined changes include innovative print release, basic email-based or app-driven job submission and of course job tracking. It is regarded as the first AirPrint-certified enterprise print management solution.

d) The Lexmark Mobile Printing application can also be used effectively for basic direct printing of PDFs and image files from an iOS device.

About Android printing

a) Lexmark has introduced the Lexmark Print Service Plug-in that makes native printing from the Android device to any supported Lexmark product without the need of a third-party app. The users can print documents and pictures to Lexmark printers on the identical networks as the Android device using similar printing controls, such as paper size, color, orientation and various copies.

b) For enterprise scalability & security, the Lexmark Print Service Plug-in also supports printing to a Lexmark Print Management Server.

c) It also offers the extensive selection of devices certified to work with Mopria wireless printing standards, for which an Android plug-in is available too.

d) Google Cloud Print gives another great option for Android device users to print to Lexmark Smart MFPs; users can authenticate to the Google accounts & register the device for Google Cloud Print directly from the touchscreen of the MFP.

e) Once registered, the user can selectively free the jobs printed through Google Cloud Print right at the device.

lexmark support phone number

If you still have doubts on the topic and the features, you can call the professionals at Lexmark customer service number instantly.

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How to link a Brother printer through a router?

Some of the models of Brother Printers have network adapters installed in them. Instead of connecting the printer to the computer directly, you can even connect the printer to the router & use it as a network resource. The setup is advantageous when you need to use the printer from various computers in the house or if all of the computers are laptops and you do not want to bother yourself with connecting and disconnecting the printer as you move everywhere at home. If you want, you can consult with the tech experts available, who are ready to solve all the issues regarding the same. You have to just dial their Brother Customer service phone number.

Brother printer support

All we need is a brother printer with network adapter, router with printer support, brother cable and an installation CD.

The steps:-

  • Firstly, insert the Brother Printer installation CD and choose to install BRAdmin & the drivers. Now, click on ‘Next’ on each installation wizard window until you reach the end of the process.
  • Just plug in the Brother Printer, wait for it to power up fully, and then connect the Brother’s Ethernet cable in to one of the router’s wired devices or printer-specific ports.
  • Now, go to the computer you installed the Brother software & the drivers on. Now, go to ‘Start’ and click ‘Control Panel.’ You have to choose ‘Printers and Faxes.’ Click on ‘Add a Printer’ at last.
  • Just click on ‘Next.’ Choose ‘A network printer, or printer attached to another computer.’ Click on ‘Next.’ Choose the option of ‘Browse for a printer.’ Leave the text field blank and click on ‘Next.’
  • Select the Brother printer in the list of printers that appears on the next page. Click “Next.” Choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in order to choose the default printer status. Lastly, click on ‘Next’ then on ‘Finish.’Brother printer customer support

The steps above will guide you through the process to set up your brother printer through a router. You have to just follow the sequence, and the results will come out positively. But, in case you are still confused, you can fetch help by calling the tech experts at Brother Printer customer care phone number easily. Along with that, you can even search the Internet for online web directories such as Contactforservice that offers the trusted customer care numbers of the famous brands and the products. The services and the products come out to be satisfactory; basically you can rely on them without thinking much.

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How to Download-Lexmark Printer Installation Software?

Lexmark Printers are manufactured with a software CD. The disk allows the printer to be installed on the PC. If the CD has been misplaced, or the printer was bought used and did not come with one, it cannot be installed until a copy of the software has been obtained. The Lexmark website gives free downloads of the software drivers for all the printer models. Since the files come in a self-contained installer, no manuals, and the setup only takes sometime once the file has finished downloading process. If you want detailed information on the issue, you can call the experts by dialing Lexmark support number instantly.lexmark printers support

Using the CD:-

The Installation process:-

  • Close all open software applications.
  • Now, insert the printer software CD.
  • Double-click on the P910 Series Installer CD icon on the desktop. The P910 Series Installer dialog is displayed. On this dialog are the ‘Install icon’ and the ‘Help installer’ icon.
  • Just, Double-click the Install icon.
  • Complete the authentication notice, and then click on ‘OK.’ You are instructed through the introduction.
  • Now, Click ‘Continue.’ You are guided through the Readme files.
  • Click Continue. You are instructed via the license agreement.
  • Now, from the pop-up menu at the top, choose a language.
  • Click Continue.
  • Click on Agree.
  • Select the OS you are currently working on as the destination where the printer software will be installed, and then click on ‘Continue.’
  • Finally, Click ‘Install.’

Post- Installation Process:-

  • If your needed language is not supported, choose a language from the list to install the software. Then, click on ‘Continue.’
  • Select the country closest to you, and then click on ‘Continue.’
  • If there is no printer attached, or there are two or more printers in the network, the Printer Selection dialog appears. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Click on ‘OK.’
  • The printer software installation is complete. You can:
  1. Register your printer on the Internet.
  2. Print a test page to analyze that your printer is working properly
  • Check the Lexmark Web site for offers.
  • Click on ‘Finished’ when you are done with the process. A reminder that the printer is supported only in Mac OS X version 10.1.5 or later appears and Click ‘OK.’
  • Click ‘Close’ to close the installer dialog. The Lexmark printer folder is created on the desktop. You are now ready to begin using the Lexmark printer.

Using the World Wide Web:-

  • Firstly, access the Lexmark Web site at
  • On the home page, search through the menu selection, and then click on ‘Drivers & Downloads.’
  • Select the printer and the driver for the operating system.
  • Follow the guidelines on the screen to download the driver and install the printer software.lexmark customer support number

Now, if you want more information on the installation process, you can dial Lexmark printer customer service phone number instantly to fetch the desired solution. The experts are available 24×7 for your assistance and giving valuable suggestions in return.

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Easily install Brother Mobile Printer PJ663 driver software

The brand Brother introduced yet another great printer known as Brother Mobile Printer PJ663. This excellent product comes from the best company, so as a result, it has all the worth utilizing capabilities. It is portable and really easy to use. This is actually a thermal printer, in the sense that it does not use any ink.

If you want a detailed info on any of the product, or related to any prevailing issue, you can call the experts for Brother Printer installation software.

Brother printer installation software


  • Compact size.
  • Up to 300 dpi
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Up to 6 ppm
  • It can also print A4 sheets.
  • Printing can be done virtually in any environment.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Less power consumption.


  • Only prints on thermal paper
  • No drivers available for Android and some Apple products
  • Cost of this printer is high
  • Novice users find it difficult to load papers.
  • Pairing with printer Bluetooth is little difficult.


It is portable as said earlier; it comes in small size that you can even carry it anywhere with ease. You can keep the printer on any kind of surface; there is no need of any plain surface. So, you will find it easier to print documents in a moving vehicle as well. There is no ink, once you load the paper, you can simply incline the product in any of the angle you want. Unlike the inkjet printers, there is no fear of ink spilling out or the leakage. So, we can see that the problem of refilling is also eliminated.


The product will not get battery or power cord along with the printer. You will have to buy them separately. You can buy the Li-Ion Ni Hydride batteries based on the budget only.

Printing Quality

As per the product specs, PJ-663 can print up to 300 dpi; this will offer the clear printouts for most of the text and some images. The user can simply print black and white docs and you cannot get color prints.


The printer can print 1.1 W when on standby and 37 W when in use. This is slow power consumption device when compared to many other LaserJet Printers. You can even use rechargeable batteries and one full charge is ok to print up to 100 pages of docs.


For the power connectivity based on the total usage, you can buy permanently wired kit if the user is in a vehicle or an AC adapter if we need to use it with a wall socket. There are various other options present based on the requirement.

wireless Brother printer installation

Based on the above-mentioned aspects, the printer is quite efficient and is well-suited for the people on the go. But if you want some additional information on the product, or on the issues like Brother Printer driver installation failed and much more.

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Now Stop Spam Calls by Using the Avast Call Blocker App

For a few iOS users, spam calls have bit by bit however tirelessly transformed into a predictable and irritating portion of life. Despite the way that users can check showed numbers as spam on their devices, this is dreary and the numbers quickly gets old. Various call blocking applications oblige access to users’ contact records, which isn’t impeccable, as private contacts shouldn’t be seen by the company, considering the security aspect in mind.avast antivirus support number

According to the current investigation of 3,191 U.S. Avast users, 77 percent reported getting no short of one spam calls in two weeks time span, which itself is a disturbing figure. Avast’s examination exhibits that there are at this moment more than 133,000 element spam visitors in the U.S. that accomplish 40% of phone proprietors in the country month to month. To compound the circumstance, half of the spammers supplant their number at normal interims, leaving users confounded while landing them up in a circumstance where they will undoubtedly get calls.

Be that as it may, Avast has now a safe and secured response for this issue, which you can get by ringing them at Avast antivirus customer care number. They are willing to report Avast Call Blocker, another iOS application that grants insurance to the users from the undesirable and the unnecessary calls from spammers, telemarketers, and even individual phone numbers. With the goal to wipe out the extending issue of spam calls, this clear, noninvasive call-screening advancement outfits users with the other option to either get basic spam sees when a call begins from a number associated with spam, or customize call obstructing of spam numbers, without obliging users to share their identity or contact information.

Stay away from spam calls with Avast Call Blocker

Avast Call Blocker particularly addresses the burning issue of spam calls, while in like manner giving users the ability to square individual numbers and keep up a key separation from undesirable examinations. Controlled by an amazing spam affirmation computation, Avast Call Blocker:

  1. Cautions users about spam calls before they answer, or normally ruins the calls
  2. Permits users to make a blacklist dodge unconstrained calls and examinations from any contact
  3. Secures user assurance by relying upon an expansive spam phone number database and openly available information

Instead of obliging users to offer access to their own particular or contact information, Avast Call Blocker uses moved machine learning advancement to perceive spam numbers which are secured in a database of gathering sourced information and open resources like the Federal Communications Commission database. Avast’s clever computation recognizes numbers that are associated with spam and telemarketing practices by looking calling conduct, including the repeat and length of calls. The antivirus organization additionally encourages users to report new spam numbers to help Avast’s in routinely creating and refining their database.avast customer service number

You can become more acquainted with the insights about this call blocker application by calling them at Avast antivirus support number. In the event that something goes wrong, you don’t have this number, you can get this from Contactforservice, which is considered to be one of the most recognized online directories. It provides numbers and other contact details for all the USA and Canada-based customer services.

Quick and Easy Steps to Clean Up Your Brother Printer

Brother printers are used worldwide because of the quality and the performance it delivers. It is quite evident that the product is getting so much of appreciation around. The user can also reach the tech experts at the help desk to get assistance in every difficulty they face. They can simply ask them for solutions by sending messages and calling at the Brother Printer customer support instantly.Brother printer customer service

Here in the blog, we will be seeing one of the techniques to clean a wireless brother printer with ease, at times, the users come across such complex situation and for maintaining the rhythm while working on a printer he needs a proper guidance. So here we are:-

A Brother laser printer can print letters, photos, labels & other docs for your business. Occasionally, dust builds up on the outside of the printer and inside as well (paper tray), and this might affect print quality. Brother suggests that you regularly clean the printer’s exterior and interior as well to prevent poor-quality printing.

  1. First step is to ‘Power off’ the Brother laser printer and ‘disconnect’ the power cord.
  1. Now, slide the paper tray out from the bottom of the printer & leave it aside.
  1. You need to wipe the printer’s exterior with a cloth to remove all the dust. If you want, you can dampen the cloth with cool water to remove the stains.
  1. Just remove pieces of paper from the paper tray & gently wipe it with a soft cloth.
  1. Now, slide the paper tray back into your printer. And ‘Reconnect’ the power cord and press the ‘Power’ button.

Clean the Printer’s Interior

  1. Firstly, ‘turn off’ the printer and ‘disconnect’ the power cord. If you have just used the printer, wait for some time before cleaning it. The parts inside get quite hot when the printer is used.
  1. Now, open the front cover and slide/take out the toner cartridge & drum unit assembly. Do not touch the electrodes on the assembly. Just place the assembly on a paper towel to avoid stains from the leaking toner.
  1. You have to now flip the assembly over. Slide the green tab from right to left, and then slide it back to the place. Repeat the process for some time to clean the corona wire. At the end, return the tab to its position, labeled ‘1’ on the assembly.
  1. Just, wipe the bottom of the glass scanner window with a soft cloth. If necessary, dampen the cloth with water.
  1. Now, ‘Reinsert’ the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly.
  1. And finally, close the front cover, plug in the printer and turn it on again.

Brother printer customer support

If you feel that the above guidelines are not appropriate or you need an expert advice, you can reach the experts at brother online support in order to fetch some great pieces of suggestions.