Avast introduces the new Anti-Theft App to recover lost mobile phones

Avast has been in the news for its astounding features to fight against the viruses, worms, malicious websites and much more. Its goal is to maintain the full on security online and for your devices as well. It is able to protect millions of people from threats on the Internet with one of the most advanced networks available in the world. The users have full confidence in the abilities of this robust antivirus software. With that, at the time of any difficulty or software failure, you can even call the tech experts available by dialing Avast antivirus customer care number anytime.avast antivirus customer care number

Avast Anti-Theft actually includes a great collection of features that are not offered in Android’s Device Manager, like a Sound Recording and ‘Theftie’ Feature. Both of the features can offer key insights into assisting a user in finding a lost or stolen device and returning it to the rightful owner.

Key Features:-

  1. It locates and tracks the lost phone or droid on a map via the web-based mobile phone tracking feature. It uses the GPS tracker for it and other strong triangulation methods).
  2. It controls the cell phone remotely through a web based interface or SMS if your phone is stolen. You can remotely lock/wipe the phone memory in order to keep the data safe.
  3. Just set up a SIM-card-change notification to other devices. ‘Stealth’ Mode instantly hides the app on the phone whenever Anti-Theft is activated, so that a thief is not aware of the presence.

The Application’s ‘Theftie’ Feature offers you the ability to remotely take an image of the thief trying to steal the device. Sound Recording enables you to record audio of the thief’s environment to seize potential clues to the culprit’s location. Some of the amazing qualities of the app:-

  1. Stealth mode: The app is hidden on the device
  2. Call and SMS Forwarding: It forwards incoming messages & calls to another number.
  3. Call number from the device: It allows you to listen to what is happening on the line of their device.
  4. Android PIN/pattern check: It locks device automatically after eight unlock attempts.
  5. SIM card change notification: It clearly notifies you when the SIM has been replaced.
  6. Control by SMS: It allows you to have control over the device even without the Internet connection.

If you have the App installed on the mobile phone:-

If luckily you have the app installed on your mobile phone, you can successfully control it using the following resources:

  1. Avast account is the account made from the (my.avast.com) website. To utilize this method, the Anti-Theft App must be connected with an Avast Account. The lost device must be running and connected to the web.
  2. SMS Remote Control
  3. SMS commandsavast customer number

If you still are confused about the features and the information given, you can call the experts to guide you in any difficulty. You can dial Avast antivirus customer service number at that time.

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How Avast Support Helps To Recover The Antivirus License Key?

Avast Antivirus License Key helps to activate the 30-year subscription for PC security. After the activation, all the security essentials get installed for complete PC security. If you lost the license activation key, then, unfortunately, your antivirus security program will not execute completely. Luckily, Avast gives its user the opportunity to recover the lost antivirus license key. Visit the official site and scroll down to find the “Recover Your License” option in the footer. Click the link to open the dedicated page to retrieve the security key, and here you can choose a free license or recover purchased license. For direct help, dial the Avast antivirus support number and take assistance from the professionals. The professional help lets the user recover the license key legally. Here’s a brief info about how to successfully recover the Avast license key, after following the download recovery file option from the official website:avast antivirus support number

Step 1: Open the email that includes your license file. Now, open the attachment, there’s a file named as License.avastlic.

Step 2: The method differs depending on the email client program. Just double click the file, or right-click to select Open, or choose the option Open attachments.

Step 3: If you can’t open the file directly from your mail, then you can alternatively save the file License.avastlic to your PC and next open it.

Step 4: Once you open the file, a dialog box will pop-out. Next, click Activate to open the license file and match with the subscription details as displayed onscreen. Now, you will see a confirmation message box, click OK.

Step 5: In the system tray, right-click on the Avast icon to cross-check the subscription is activated or not. Now, choose Subscription info from the menu, or open your Avast user interface from the list of icons appearing on the desktop and choose Settings.

Step 6:  Check your Subscription status, it should be ACTIVE and the validity date must be correct.

Avast users who have not registered yet or looking to recover the lost license key for complete security program registration. They can dial the Avast antivirus customer care number and take professional assistance to recover the lost license code.avast customer number

Avoid using any fake online tool that claims to recover the lost Avast antivirus activation key. Only the official site offers the activation file, which is 100% secured to use. In addition, refer the Contactforservice online directory when you need a direct helpline number to take the direct help of the live technical support representatives.